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Adsense: Contextual Advertising Advice And Tips
Adsense Is One Of The Critical Reasons To Improve SEO On Any Income Producing Web Site.

Blog And Ping Technique For Generating Traffic
Blog And Ping Products Such As RSS2Blog Are Controversial Ways To Improve Search Rankings

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Here Are Some Techniques On Getting Good Search Rankings Naturally on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

Keyword Selection And Niche Marketing
The Key To Success In Internet Marketing And Search Marketing, Is Choosing The Keywords And Niche

Getting Links Back To Your Web Site
Backlinks (Getting Other Sites To Link To Your Site) Is Key To Getting Good Organic Search Rankings

Paid And Unpaid Search For Generating Traffic
Compare And Contrast Two Philosophies Of Bringing Traffic To Your Web Site. Organic vs PPC and CPM.

Ways To Make Money On The Web
Adsense Leverages Your Web Traffic Into Dollars. Learn About Other Advertising And Affiliate Programs

Internet Marketing Gurus And Experts
Who Are The Internet Marketing Gurus And What Do They Offer And How Do They Brand Themselves

Google Alerts
Google Alerts Are a helpful tool for keeping track of search Key word or site performance.

Etrafficjams Are A SEO Company Based In Clearwater, Florida.

Internet Marketing And SEO Blog
All The Latest News On Search Engine Optimization.

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Other Contextual Advertising Services

Bidvertiser could be worthwhile. On poster to an Adsense forum said he got $40 from it compared to 25c from Miva on the same sites with similar traffic in a similar period.

Another Adsense alternative is ImgAds.


Kontera for ContentLink where words in text become links to advertisers. To qualify for ContentLink™ your website must generate more than 500,000 page impressions per month.

My initial experience with Kontera was good. I signed up courtesy of Joel Comms's arrangement with them. Within days I had tags and was earning a couple of bucks a day from one site with high CTR and eCPM. Then I asked for tags for other sites, they responded pretty quickly saying that they would send them in 5-7 days. Two weeks later I am still waiting and not getting any replies to the followup emails.

I do notice that they seem to monitor and respond in blogs and forums. Maybe this is the best way to reach them. Hi Guys.

Their links are a lot more "in your face" than Adsense so if you don't mind having your site's text lit up like a Christmas tree then you will like it. As they only update their (limited) reporting once a day you will find that you won't suffer from the Adsense "shakes". I dunno if that is good or bad.

There is a good tool for previewing what Kontera links will appear on your site.

Revenue Pilot is a contextual advertising alternative to Adsense.

eBay and Microsoft have contextualized ad Betas

This was reported on

You Gov is a marketing survey site

Advertising Revenue £36.40
Convergence Inc = $40.40 (over 18's only)


Dating Sites

FriendFinderGroup $14.79
Sexy Ads - $64.60 (over 18's only)
DIY Dating - £19.26

From Angellica:

Paid Per Action (Affiliate Programs):

See also the Affiliate Programs Page

Paid Per Impression :

Paid Per Click :

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