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Adsense: Contextual Advertising Advice And Tips
Adsense Is One Of The Critical Reasons To Improve SEO On Any Income Producing Web Site.

Blog And Ping Technique For Generating Traffic
Blog And Ping Products Such As RSS2Blog Are Controversial Ways To Improve Search Rankings

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Here Are Some Techniques On Getting Good Search Rankings Naturally on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

Keyword Selection And Niche Marketing
The Key To Success In Internet Marketing And Search Marketing, Is Choosing The Keywords And Niche

Getting Links Back To Your Web Site
Backlinks (Getting Other Sites To Link To Your Site) Is Key To Getting Good Organic Search Rankings

Paid And Unpaid Search For Generating Traffic
Compare And Contrast Two Philosophies Of Bringing Traffic To Your Web Site. Organic vs PPC and CPM.

Ways To Make Money On The Web
Adsense Leverages Your Web Traffic Into Dollars. Learn About Other Advertising And Affiliate Programs

Internet Marketing Gurus And Experts
Who Are The Internet Marketing Gurus And What Do They Offer And How Do They Brand Themselves

Google Alerts
Google Alerts Are a helpful tool for keeping track of search Key word or site performance.

Etrafficjams Are A SEO Company Based In Clearwater, Florida.

Internet Marketing And SEO Blog
All The Latest News On Search Engine Optimization.

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Link Building

The "Miserable Failure" campaign was a great example of off page optimization and "Google Bombing". If you entered "Miserable Failure" in to Google, it took you to George W. Bush's White House web page. Even thought that term does not appear once on the page. Look in the Google cache and it will state: These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: miserable failure.

Link Popularity (Linkpop)

Market Leap's web site has a great tool for calculation of your linkpop.

How To Get Backlinks

Paid and unpaid linking. Paid linking would include advertisements, such as those offered by Text Link Ads which offers $100 of free ads when you join.

Is there any value in submission or link management tools?

Article and Press Release Submission

Pro Marketing Online's web site for article submission sites.

Websition is one place to submit articles. Ezine Articles. They recommend a Pro's & Con's Article Template. See


It now costs money as Free PRWeb distribution ended effective October 23, 2006. Compare this to EzineArticles which permits at least 10 articles free.

Mario Bonilla gave a PRWeb webinar and I gleaned the following information:

You can attach files to your Press Release (PR). The more you pay, then you have access to putting links into your PR, and with anchor text rather than just a URL.

Every press release is scored by an editor. A PR cannot just be an advertisement. Also, it must be news as opposed to an article, which can be less timely.

This site maintains a list of article submission sites. - Press Release Distribution - PR Agency

Manually Getting Backlinks

Brad Callen recommends this as way to get links to your website.

  1. Enter the following phrase in Google EXACTLY as shown below:

    Keyword "Please also suggest my link to the Directory."

    Note: Replace "Keyword" with whatever keyword you want to find websites relevant to, e.g. SEO software

  2. Once you've done that and clicked submit, Google returns a list of websites that have link submission forms and you can submit your link to!

LinkMetro is a free site where link swaps can be arranged. It is owned by Brad Callen, but unfortunately you get a lot of spam link requests from it.

If someone does send you a request for a reciprocal link, then test their credibility by entering the following in Google:

replacing their domain name and their links page in the command. This will tell you if the page is cached in Google. Sometimes they use robots.txt to block the links page from the crawlers. Or the page may have existed only a short time and is not cached.

When asking for a reciprocal link, put a link to the asked site first to show you are in earnest.

Do a search on Google for subject name links or subject name links "add your URL" or "add your link" e.g. florida insurance links add your URL.

Or go to Teoma (now merged with Ask) and see the link collections there. May not work now merged with Ask

Go to DMOZ and see if the directory members are willing to swap links.

GO to and find link pages about your subject ethical, human edited link managing

FREE trial of link gathering and management software.
Go to to download your software.

FREE link popularity checking software to see how many links go to your site from the major search engines.
Go to to download your software.

Social Networking Sites

Yahoo has a site is a social events calendar is for restaurants, bars, venues etc. is about localities and traveling. The Socializer allows you to easily submit a link to several social bookmarking systems. Instead of having a link to each social bookmarking website, you have a single link to all of them!

Spurl, Raw sugar, Shadows, Blink It, My Web are other social web bookmarking web sites.
Yahoo My Web
Furl (Stumble)
My Web 2.0

Technorati tagging blog posts has gotten my posts a lot of attention and backlinks.

There are several others, like Friendster, Zaadz, Newsfind, “43 things” and there are “43 people” and “43 places”, Spacebook

Join MySpace groups with interest in my links. Create myspace accounts which are devoted to a particular web site. Use an editor like to make the site look good.

Some Other Directories And Search Engines
big all
joe ant

Michael Rasmussen, Forum Moderator and CEO, says:

" if you deliberately use search engine keywords in the SUBJECT line of your forum post, that post will get picked up by the search engines.

Forum posts actually get indexed, and are available for reference anytime thereafter."

He gives the following example:

KEYWORD: SEO (short for search engine optimization) SUBJECT: A cool SEO secret I just figured out...


Microsofts Business Central directory charges $49 for a listing. charges $149 a year for you to be listed. finds nodes of similar (not necessarily linked) sites.

Here is a list of potential backlinkers from Brad Callen:

You can also use these sites as a source of content, if yhou don't want to write your own. From the Adsense Fisher site, comes the following list:

Buzzle, Isnare,GoARticle, IdeaMarketers

  • For good RSS feeds, check out: is another supposedly good directory directory.

Try this tool to get your and competitors links:


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