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Adsense: Contextual Advertising Advice And Tips
Adsense Is One Of The Critical Reasons To Improve SEO On Any Income Producing Web Site.

Blog And Ping Technique For Generating Traffic
Blog And Ping Products Such As RSS2Blog Are Controversial Ways To Improve Search Rankings

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Here Are Some Techniques On Getting Good Search Rankings Naturally on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

Keyword Selection And Niche Marketing
The Key To Success In Internet Marketing And Search Marketing, Is Choosing The Keywords And Niche

Getting Links Back To Your Web Site
Backlinks (Getting Other Sites To Link To Your Site) Is Key To Getting Good Organic Search Rankings

Paid And Unpaid Search For Generating Traffic
Compare And Contrast Two Philosophies Of Bringing Traffic To Your Web Site. Organic vs PPC and CPM.

Ways To Make Money On The Web
Adsense Leverages Your Web Traffic Into Dollars. Learn About Other Advertising And Affiliate Programs

Internet Marketing Gurus And Experts
Who Are The Internet Marketing Gurus And What Do They Offer And How Do They Brand Themselves

Google Alerts
Google Alerts Are a helpful tool for keeping track of search Key word or site performance.

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All The Latest News On Search Engine Optimization.

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Organic Search vs. Paid Search (PPC)

Search Engine Traffic - Paid vs Unpaid.

My experience tells me that businesses tend to focus on either organic, natural search (the original SERPs)or paid search (i.e., pay per click, such as Adwords from Google. For some reason they don't seem to want both, which I think is the ideal situation. Organic can be cheaper and higher converting, paid can be quick and more responsive, and more targeted.

  Organic Search Paid Search
Position More visible Less visible on right side, except ads that appear above natural search results
Response Several months Minutes or hours
Trust level Moderate Less trust
Difficulty Depends on competition and how savvy they are Depends on competition and how much they are willing to bid
Traffic High if well positioned High if lots of keywords
Cost Low Can be high

PPC ads may be the only way to get good traffic to your site initially. have optimized your website to rank high in natural search for the keywords important to you. The big advantage of PPC advertising is speed. A Google campaign can be running in minutes. Yahoo! Search Marketing has to approve your ads and keywords so there can be up to days of delay.

Natural search generates fairly good traffic at a low cost. And people view natural search results as more trustworthy than the paid ones, so they convert at a higher rate. However, paid search is very valuable when it comes to finding out what terms people use to find you so a PPC campaign may be a good precursor to your organic SEO.

There are many companies around who are very tunnel visioned about PPC as the best way to bring visitors to your site. They also want to manage your PPC campaigns and charge 10-20% of the spend! So it is in their interest to promote PPC over organic SEO. And some of them do a very good job.

PPC requires that your products be priced to make the advertising a small enough cost to be absorbed. You should also set up landing pages so that the visitor who clicks on your ads gets straight to what they want.

PPC may be superfluous if you are ranked highly for the key phrases that most of your prospects would use.

The following is from Dr Ralph Wilson's site:

However, the only way you'll know whether or not paid search will help build your business is to give it a fair test for two or three months. It may take several weeks to get your ads and keywords working optimally. If you haven't used split-testing software to optimize your landing pages, your results won't give you a true picture. (See my books How to Optimize Your Landing Pages Scientifically and How to Develop a Landing Page that Closes the Sale). But if you've followed best practices in setting up and running a paid search campaign and you're still not getting the results you need to be profitable after two to three months, then and only then is it time to pull the plug.

Ad Display Over Time

In Adwords, you can specify that your ads are shown evenly over time, or accelerated which means they are shown as quickly as possible. This may explain why sometimes ads don't appear when you enter your keywords.

The same choice is available in Microsoft Adcenter. They say:

What is Average Participation Rate (Average PR)?

You can use the new Average PR to more accurately determine your ad delivery. The Average PR feature shows you a percentage, from 10-100%, that helps to indicate how often your ads will have the possibility to be displayed during the month on relevant keywords. The higher your Average PR, the more likely your ads will show, and the more likely it is that you are meeting your target spend level. The lower the Average PR, the less likely your ad will show, since you are exceeding your target budget and ad delivery has slowed down to evenly distribute throughout the month.     It talks about pay per action (opting in, filling out a form, etc) rather than paying per click.

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