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Adsense: Contextual Advertising Advice And Tips
Adsense Is One Of The Critical Reasons To Improve SEO On Any Income Producing Web Site.

Blog And Ping Technique For Generating Traffic
Blog And Ping Products Such As RSS2Blog Are Controversial Ways To Improve Search Rankings

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Here Are Some Techniques On Getting Good Search Rankings Naturally on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

Keyword Selection And Niche Marketing
The Key To Success In Internet Marketing And Search Marketing, Is Choosing The Keywords And Niche

Getting Links Back To Your Web Site
Backlinks (Getting Other Sites To Link To Your Site) Is Key To Getting Good Organic Search Rankings

Paid And Unpaid Search For Generating Traffic
Compare And Contrast Two Philosophies Of Bringing Traffic To Your Web Site. Organic vs PPC and CPM.

Ways To Make Money On The Web
Adsense Leverages Your Web Traffic Into Dollars. Learn About Other Advertising And Affiliate Programs

Internet Marketing Gurus And Experts
Who Are The Internet Marketing Gurus And What Do They Offer And How Do They Brand Themselves

Google Alerts
Google Alerts Are a helpful tool for keeping track of search Key word or site performance.

Etrafficjams Are A SEO Company Based In Clearwater, Florida.

Internet Marketing And SEO Blog
All The Latest News On Search Engine Optimization.

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Dave Lakhani

Dave is an expert on PR (public relations) and branding.

He says that editorial copy beats advertorial copy, and that as a consequence, most news is placed because it is realized how effective it is.

third party endorsement - testimonial

transfer of power - someone with credibility hands you over to soneone they recommend


credibility was a campaign that Dave was involved in.

Only polarized people buy things. So don't be afraid to offend! Offer people salvation.

7 steps to creating a profitable media program.

Step 1 to Persuasive PR: Have an interesting and relevant story to tell to an audience that wants to hear it. A person's perception of you is their reality.

How to know what the media is going to talk about a year in advance:

  • editorial calendars,
  • show notes,
  • ask them,
  • let them ask you - see the Jerry Springer Show or Oprah Winfrey Show web sites where they invite show ideas.

Step 2:  A persons perception of you is their reality.  When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.  We make instantaneous decisions about people based on looks/our perception.  The same goes for websites.

It is never all right to look kind of okay in the media.  Make sure you have your story and sound bites prepared and that you have practiced them.

Step 3 Create curiosity

Step 4 Enter their awareness and position yourself and your message

Step 5 Give the media the information in the format they want to receive it.

Step 6 Leverage your release to drive massive targeted traffic to your site - develop multiple releases around keywords and keyword phrases and current events. Don't put out a release on Sunday. is free is free, with upgrades available. ($1500)

Put a phony name in the release, so when someone calls and asks for them you know immediately what they are calling for. Then say, sorry, they are not available, I am the CEO, can I help?

How can I be nominated for the fast company's FAST 50?

About July 15 go to it is easy to be nominated and it is an accolade!

Step 7 Consistent effort systemized process follow thru with editors

Bacon's media research for media lists
Profnet media query service
Burrelle's Luce Clipping Service

Dave Lakhani's How to Persuade

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