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Getting To Number One In Sales

This is a technique used by Armand Morin to achieve a bestselling position on Amazon for his alter ego as a country music singer. The same strategy can also be used on other online stores such as Dave Lakhani who got his book to #1 on Amazon in the Business Books category.

The intention here is to be able to boast legitimately that you had a item that was #1 on Amazon or whatever store you have chosen to target. The actual number of sales is not that important, just making sure that you have the highest number of sales in the time period that you chosen to focus on. In the example below, that period was 45 minutes.

It is using the system, not manipulating it, and there is nothing illegal about it. The unscrupulous may do something like cancel their purchase after it has been made but I'd say the target store is probably happy with the technique because a sale is a sale. They don't care if they come all at once.

On this page we will examine how a new author achieved a prominent sales position on the Barnes and Noble web site using the technique. It is easier to get to cause a ripple on a site such as this rather than Amazon, who sales are perhaps exponentially better.

Jess Kennedy Williams: Heartbreak Free Dating

Jess Kennedy Williams is a new author who has self published a book called Heartbreak-Free Dating.

On December 7, 2006 she contacted her group of contacts, saying that her:

goal is to make Heartbreak-Free Dating a NUMBER ONE BEST-SELLER on on Friday, December 8, 2006 and with your help, I can (and will) do it.

Click on the link below to grab one or more copies (it will make great Christmas gifts for all of your single women friends and family members) of Heartbreak-Free Dating on Friday, December 8, 2006, between 2:00 pm and 2:45 pm eastern.

Jess then gave a link to the book on Barnes and Noble. The reason for the specific date and time is that updates their best-seller list hourly and by having everyone buy the book on the same day, within the same hour, it is more likely to move up the ranks to NUMBER ONE.

The next day at 10:26AM, Jess wrote:

It is now #2 under Dating out of 5,881 books and #6 under Relationship out of 93,151 books.

Jess contacted me ten minutes later to tell me:


So Jess was to very cleverly use the Barnes and Noble system to ensure that her book got some initial profile. Publishers have been using various techniques to boost initial sales for a long time, and this is just a variation on a tried and true formula.

One way to gain extra cash flow, is for the author or publisher to sign up as an affiliate. You would then get an extra commission paid back to you on the sale of your book if you send out an affiliate link in the e-mail.

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