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Adsense: Contextual Advertising Advice And Tips
Adsense Is One Of The Critical Reasons To Improve SEO On Any Income Producing Web Site.

Blog And Ping Technique For Generating Traffic
Blog And Ping Products Such As RSS2Blog Are Controversial Ways To Improve Search Rankings

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Here Are Some Techniques On Getting Good Search Rankings Naturally on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

Keyword Selection And Niche Marketing
The Key To Success In Internet Marketing And Search Marketing, Is Choosing The Keywords And Niche

Getting Links Back To Your Web Site
Backlinks (Getting Other Sites To Link To Your Site) Is Key To Getting Good Organic Search Rankings

Paid And Unpaid Search For Generating Traffic
Compare And Contrast Two Philosophies Of Bringing Traffic To Your Web Site. Organic vs PPC and CPM.

Ways To Make Money On The Web
Adsense Leverages Your Web Traffic Into Dollars. Learn About Other Advertising And Affiliate Programs

Internet Marketing Gurus And Experts
Who Are The Internet Marketing Gurus And What Do They Offer And How Do They Brand Themselves

Google Alerts
Google Alerts Are a helpful tool for keeping track of search Key word or site performance.

Etrafficjams Are A SEO Company Based In Clearwater, Florida.

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All The Latest News On Search Engine Optimization.

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Search Engine Optimization Software Tools Review

There are several tools available for organic or relevancy search engine optimization. Here we will review some of the more prominent.

WebPosition 4 from WebTrends

Standard: $149, supports unlimited keyword searches and submissions for up to 5 domains. Professional: $389, unlimited domains.

I emailed Chad Stevens, my appointed sales contact, asking if an upgrade from Standard to Professional for the $240 and also if WP4 had a competitive analysis (might save myself some work) but got no reply.

ClickZ Marketing Excellence Award 2005 winner. Some of the features included are:

  • Reporter checks your site rankings in the search engines. You create a "mission" that keeps track of these. You can also include competitor names to see where they rank. Has Google API support. Professional: Now includes enhanced reporting on both organic and pay-per-click search listings. Pro also allows you to export results to Excel.

  • Wordtracker interface creates a list of keywords to target from the standard Overture source.

  • Page Critic supplies expert, custom-tailored advice on how to optimize each of your new or existing web pages. You select a single phrase which your page must be optimized for. Sign up for the subscription service to stay informed of continual changes in the SEO environment. It will compare your page to other high ranking pages for that term (and it stores those pages on your computer to avoid having to retrieve them repeatedly via the search engine).

  • Page Generator walks you through creating optimized web pages based on keywords and details you enter. This is a cute tool.

  • Link Defender crawls through your web site looking for broken links, internal and external. It also will crawl your local copy of the site to save bandwidth. You can set it up to ignore certain folders.

  • Submitter automates submission to search engines. It has a submission assistant that keeps track of where you have subnmitted your sites. Note that they say "As a rule you will only want to resubmit your Web site each time you update or change it and only if you are not ranking well. The search engines will not be instantly aware of the changes you made to your Web site. Therefore, you will generally want to tell the engine about your changed pages by re-submitting them. You can go to each search engine and individually submit each of your pages, or you can use WebPosition's Submitter to create Missions to do it automatically." They also say: "WebPosition employs technology, which allows you to submit URLs to search engines without being flagged into a low priority queue -- some engines do this to pages they determine originated from automated submission services or mass submitting tools. WebPosition's submissions look like submissions coming from any standard browser."

  • Upload Manager remembers all the optimized Web pages you created, changed, or added.

  • Meta Manager is a fine utility to help you easily add, update, or delete Meta Keyword, Meta Description, and Title tags on your HTML pages. In addition, it will locate duplicate and missing meta and title tags. Be careful with the options so that useful meta and title tags aren't obliterated. It did make a backup copy though. It allow you to easily go through all your pages and make sure that the tags are optimized.

  • Scheduler activates the Reporter daily, weekly, or monthly to automatically check your web site's rankings.

  • Traffic Analyzer tracks your visitors and where they came from automatically without the need to download server log files or buy extra software.

  • Supports unlimited keywords, missions and web pages. 200+ organic search engines.  (200+ additional paid engines with the Professional Edition upgrade.)

  • Free product support and 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Pro version allows you to customize report style and put your business name on the report (not for Page Critic reports)

The standard version only permits you to work with five domains, but you can delete five times and add domain five times to make sure you don't exceed five, but have the benefit of running missions on more than five sites. This is in case you make a mistake on a domain addition or deletion.


60-day money back guarantee. $167

SEO Elite from Brad Callen's Bryxen Software.

Using this technology, you will be able to see how other sites link to your competitors - So you can see what percentages of keywords to use in your own links.

You will be able to see what the themes of sites are linking to your competitors - So you will know what sorts of sites to get to link to YOU.

You will be able to see WHO is linking to your competitors.

It will show you how many links you'll need, what the page rank those links ought to be, what industries those links should come from, and to top it all off, where you can start to get those links for yourself.

It also includes some other useful functions, like a Rank Checker.  No more crawling through the search engine manually to find out how those last titles tag change affected your results.

It includes an auto-mailer so you can easily email sites that your competitors are getting links to (amazing). SEO Elite interrogates the Whois databases to find contact emails for the web site you want to get a link from.

It will even tell you what IP address links are coming from, so you can see if your competitor is gaming the system.

It will create a page of links to the sites that you hope to get reciprocal links from. All you have to do is put the code #table# in your page template and it will insert the links there for you.

1. Discover how any page ranks at the top of the Search Engines. And that goes for the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista and Alltheweb. Finally, the keys to command top-10 listings are yours in mere seconds with SEO Elite™ 4.0!

2. Instantly finds hundreds of high page rank websites in your field. That way, you know who among your competitors are doing well. By the way, this is one of the most powerful features of the SEO software, because there are entire tools created to do only this single feature!

4. Searches for Super Affiliates willing to promote your products. By learning who's promoting who, you access star-affiliates promoting your competitors (or related products and services), and can capture a piece of the action! Again, entire tools — some costing upwards of $97! — exist for this single feature. But it's all included in SEO Elite™ 4.0.

5. Shows immediately which partners are still linking back to you. This feature alone slashes your workload time in half or more! No need to manually follow-up with each and every linking partner.

6. Allows you to do a backlink search on all major search engines. This includes Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, Altavista, MSN.

7. Learns how many and which pages each major search engine has indexed. This is very important when optimizing your webpages. It's good to keep a close eye on how long it takes for your pages to get indexed. And SEO Elite™ 4.0 instantly tells you how many pages there are. Again, there are entire products that do ONLY this feature and charge over 100 bucks!

8. Notifies and keeps a daily, weekly, and monthly change record of where your website is ranked for ANY search term. on Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, MSN and Altavista and it does so fairly quickly. If you want to add keywords, then you have to click the Add Site button.

9. Analyzes and compares special search commands on Google to the "regular" Google search rankings— such as "allinanchor, allintext, and allintitle". This will help you know which area you need to better optimize; whether it is your anchor text surrounding your links, the number of times the keyword is found in your text, or the number of times your keyword is found in the title of each webpage.

10. Finds exactly which websites your competitors are advertising on. This is a great way to find websites to advertise your product. If your competitor has advertised on a specific website for months, the you know it's profitable — and now you can steal their spot!

11. Allows you to eliminate any penalized websites you link to. In other words, by knowing which link partners have been penalized by Google, you can quickly take corrective action before it gets to you! This is a great feature that ensures you NEVER get penalized, too.

Buy SEOElite Now!

Trellian SEO Toolkit v2.0

Trellian is an Australian company owned by the Warmusz brothers.

  • SubmitWolf v7.0 - Automated Submission Tool
  • Rank Checker
  • Meta Tag Editor
  • PPC Bid Comparison
  • Keyword Manager (*)
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Keyword Density Analyzer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Reciprocal Link Checker
  • Ranking Advisor
  • Link Popularity & Saturation Monitor
  • Google Site Map Generator
  • Server Header Check
  • Paid Inclusion Manager
  • Competitive Intelligence (*)
  • ROI Calculator
  • SEO Toolkit
  • SEO Toolkit Enterprise

IBP 9 (Internet Business Promoter) from Axandra

Also has Arelis Link Popularity Improver built in.

$249 (5 sites only) or 449 (200 to upgrade)

FREE subscription to “Search Engine Facts” weekly newsletter. According to Axandra, this is another valuable resource that will help you get the highest possible ranking and most traffic to your site.

Web CEO®

SmallBiz Edition
only $189 USD

Professional Edition
only $389 USD

  • Ideal for small business owners, webmasters and those who do search engine marketing and optimization in-house.
  • Optimization advice and in-depth analysis for selected keywords in Google, Yahoo, MSN.
  • Ranking reporting on more than 400 international, US, European, and Asian search engines.
  • Includes advanced features which allow you to effectively position your site in search engines and improve your conversion rate and ROI.


SEOSuite comes from Apex Pacific.

Page Critic report on one of my pages:

Suggestions for making your page conform closer to the statistical averages for top ranking pages:
* The keyword frequencies suggested below are based on the number of times ANY of the words in your keyword phrase " florida homeowners insurance " appear on the page, DIVIDED by the number of words in the phrase

A keyword frequency of 1 is suggested for the Title area. Your frequency is 2.7 right now so you might consider decreasing your Keyword count in the Title.

A word count from 6 to 8 is suggested for the Title area. Your word count is 14 right now so you might consider decreasing your word count in the Title.

A keyword frequency from 2 to 17 is suggested for the Body Text area. Your frequency is 26.7 right now so you might consider decreasing your Keyword count in the Body Text.

A word count from 521 to 771 is suggested for the Body Text area. Your word count is 824 right now so you might consider decreasing your word count in the Body Text.

A keyword prominence of at least 58% is suggested for the Body Text area. Your prominence is 1.3% right now so you might consider moving your Keyword phrase closer to the beginning of the Body Text.

According to WP, Prominence is how close to the start of the area that the keyword appears. In general, a keyword that appears closer to the top of the page, toward the beginning of a paragraph, or toward the beginning of a tag will be more relevant. However, sometimes it helps to have a keyword in the middle of an area, or even toward the end of the area.

A total frequency from 5 to 50 is suggested for the page as a whole. Your total frequency is 66 now, so you might consider decreasing your Keyword phrase in the Body Text and appropriate tags on your page.

Reports are a bit hard to read, because they are long, and the headings are only written once, at the top.

Free tool

Motoricerca has a spam detector. evaluates your pages for SEO criteria.

Webmaster Toolkit has many useful utilites such as a meta tag generator.

Is webceo basic version free?

Traffic Equalizer is a tool that many site developers use to increase traffic, and it claims that it drive highly targeted buyers to your site. 

You import a list of keywords and the program creates optimized pages.  It features an ad on top and then there are listings that look like a directory or a search engine results page.

The worst that can happen from doing a repetitive ranking check like SEOElite or WP is that the IP from which the report is run will be banned from doing further queries for a while. It will not ban the sites being checked. It would be too easy for a competitor to run checks on your site and get you banned if that were the case.

Search Engine Spider Crawl Emulation.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try a Google Search.


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